Setup LED Notifications on the Blue Switch?

I’m assuming functionality wouldn’t be removed from the Red Switch. I was able to easily set up notifications on the devices and trigger the notifications by creating apps. For example, the arm is set and the Red Led is shown on the switch. Has anybody set up the Blue switch for LED notifications?

What platform are you using. ZHA/ Z2M/ Hubitat etc?

Sorry, Hubitat

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For example, when I set the alarm the Red Led is shown on the switch as armed. When I disarm the alarm it goes to green. Has anybody set up the Blue switch for LED notifications?


What the current driver doesn’t have that it sounds like you may have been using with the Red Series drivers is the preference-based “child device” notification approach, where you could create something like 5 specifically-configured notifications that created child switch devices you could turn on (or off) to start (or stop, if needed) that notification. This made it usable with a wider variety of apps like Simple Automation Rules, but you’d need the custom setIndicator() command or another approach to get more flexibility or if you didn’t want to go through creating all of these in the first place.

Something like that is certainly available in the Blue Series driver. What you’re looking for is the ledEffectAll() command. This is like setIndicator() in the Red Series driver, except it takes four parameters that specify the components of the “notification”/effect rather than a single calculated numeric value representing the whole thing. You’ll see this parameters on this command on the device detail page in Hubitat, and if you hover over it, you’ll see what all the different parameter options are and what they mean.

As with most custom commands, these aren’t quite as widely usable with some “standard” apps. Rule Machine, Button Controller, or a custom app can handle it for sure. To use with Basic Rule or something else, you’d need another approach, or you could combine something from one of the first options with one of these. Someone can probably help you out more there if you aren’t sure.


Thanks for the reply…helpful and did some additional digging.

Here is how I just set this up for my Nest Doorbell and Inovelli Blue switch

For setting the parameters, I had to add a single number parameter (e.g. 4) four separate times (so, add param, number, 4; add param, number, 200; add param, number, 100; add param, number, 10)

This makes my switch LED pulse purple at 100 brightness for 10 seconds when my doorbell is rung. Pretty cool!


Can anybody please provide the link or location of the Color Wheel for the Blue…having a hard time locating it.


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This is what I used.

^ this one still needs to be updated for the Blues. I know the author has it on his radar, but just not enough hours in a day.

I found it to be quite accurate for the color parameter number.

For the Blue switch, you may be interested in the Hubitat app that is in beta that I put together specifically as an “LED dashboard”.

This application allows easy linking of Hubitat device, variables and HSM states to LEDs of your switches.
You can link states such as contact sensors open/closed, motion sensors active/inactive, locks locked/unlocked and more to LEDs of various colors on your switch. States can share an LED by using priority levels allowing the same LED to show yellow if a door is unlocked, red if locked and blink if the alarm has been tripped.


Very nice! I just started playing with it. Will continue to test, but loving it so far. Nicely done! :clap:

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