Several Blue Switches Suddenly Offline

Wondering if I’m alone or if others are experiencing this. Suddenly 7 of my blue switches went offline in SmartThings and all automations are therefore unavailable. They are also offline in the Alexa App. All my red switches and some other blues I have are fine (as are all of my other non-Inovelli devices).

I haven’t run into this with HA, but do you have the IEEE’s for the affected switches? And which firmware version are they running?

It sounds like a network issue to me. How does the health of your mesh look overall, and can you see the LQI in ST?

These things kind of happen like dominos. 1 thing dropped off, then the ones that were connected through that struggle and they end up dropping, and it just grows to everything down the chain from that 1 device. Usually happens less on really tight meshes with lots of devices.

Unfortunately ST has limited information available, so I don’t have the IEEE or firmware version, nor can we see LQI in ST. If only I actually knew something about coding I would switch off of ST, but I am about as “basic” of a user as there is. Maybe I’ll try a reset on the switches (when my kids aren’t sleeping in the rooms where the switches are!) and see if that helps.

Do the switches work physically and just not showing available in ST? Know what the date code was on them perhaps? (would mean you’d have to take the faceplate off though)

Well, it’s almost like the switches knew I called in reinforcements. After being offline for an hour, I posted here, and they all came back online just now.

Yes, they worked physically. But they all came back online now, so I’ll monitor and see if it happens again. May have been a temporary mesh issue that resolved itself. I appreciate you being willing to troubleshoot and brainstorm!

Definitely network related! The IEEE code that @chack is asking about is to rule out the very first batch which had some signal issues, definitely worth pulling that faceplate off and looking.

Do you know what channel your ST zigbee network is on and which channel your WiFi is on? Since you can’t really see a map in ST or get the LQI data (signal strength), at least we can check and hopefully rule out interference from WiFi. It’s quite common, especially with default settings, for WiFi and Zigbee to interfere with each other which can cause exactly this type of issue.

If you head over to the Smartthings community, there are multiple threads there about zigbee becoming unstable with the latest firmware updates. My network has been impacted pretty severely. My Blue 2-1’s on 2.14 have even started to “random reboot” thing again. Most of my devices falling off or disconnecting are my Juno Connect Downlights, but I also have switches acting up now too.

Seems to be tied to just the zigbee radio (and thread radio), the latest firmware update and “chatty” devices.


Thank you, all, for the help. I did have some of the defective initial switches that were replaced. These are the replacements, so that isn’t the issue. This was the first time this ever happened and they’ve been installed for 6 months and it hasn’t happened since. I’m going to consider it a random issue for now unless it repeats. I appreciate everyone giving me some ideas that I’ll look into if it happens again.