SharpTools-SmartThings Inovelli Notifications

Hello, hoping someone can tell me where I’m going wrong. I’m migrating some rules to SharpTools and having a hard time triggering notifications on the LED bar. The fields exposed in SharpTools are text fields so I’m manually entering, for example, “solid” for setnotificationeffect. But my notification isn’t working so I think I have something wrong. I’ve attached a screen shot of the notification settings I’m trying. Any help is appreciated!

For blue or red series?

This switch is red series

SmartThings on an Edge driver, right?

I’ve only set notifications via SharpTools on Blues not Reds. I’m not in a position to test this this morning, but I am thinking the process may be the same. So I’ll explain how it works with a Blue and you can try it on a Red.

If you look in the Blue manual, the Animated Action section provides some detail.

This will be a decimal value, 0 - 255. Use the Inovelli Switch Toolbox, using the color slider to pick up the value you want.

This will be a decimal value, 1 - 10 (although in my example I used 100). This is the brightness setting

This will be a decimal value. The Blue manual explains this, sort of. It’s how long the notification stays on. For example, 61 = 1 minute

This will be a decimal vale, 1 - ?. See the Blue manual, but use a lower number to start with, as the Blue has more effects than the Red.

Here is an example that runs on the Blue:


Blue Manual

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Correct, using an edge driver. I’ll give this all a try later today. Thank you!

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This will get you a red up and down thing, Chase maybe, for one minute, on a Red series:

Awesome! I just tried it and it works, now just need to figure out which number matches the “stock” red, yellow, etc. I’ll play around. Thank you!!!

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Had the same problem… FYI for notification effect on the Red Series
1 = Solid
2 = Chase
3 = Fast Blink
4 = Slow Blink
5 = Pulse

Use this Inovelli Switch Toolbox

I’m completely new to Sharptools, and just got all my devices re-added with Edge drivers and setting up automations all over again. I am trying to setup notifications, but I don’t seem to have the execute command option for my devices. Does that require a premium subscription? Or am I missing something in my setup?

Okay so you set the notification actions in the flow section. Click on the plus and then Action, Device and select your switch. Click on the Select Command drop down. You should have a bunch of options, including the four parameters for the notification. Are you not seeing those? Here’s part of what mine look like. The last of the four is off the screen at the bottom.

Thank you! I was literally looking for an execute command option and not just choosing the existing commands. That works exactly as intended now!

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