Should I give up on waiting for LZW36's?

I’ve been waiting 1.5 years. I have signed up for update emails for back in stock, never received anything. Is this ever getting restocked???

Probably not the LZW version. There’s been some used ones on the market. Once Blue fan switch comes arrives, I’ll have two to sell.

Oddly enough, I just need two!

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I have two unopened here. I guess I could sell them. I want the new blue series anyway. I was going to use them in a special application where I didn’t have a separate hot wire for the light and fan in my nook and a bathroom. Never installed them though….would have to figure out pricing and how to ship them etc.


@Daweeze I’m interested if @nappyjim isn’t.

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Back off buddy!!! :raised_back_of_hand:

@Daweeze i sent you a PM

@nappyjim Clearly gave you first right of refusal. We’re good mate. :v:

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