Simple Switch question

I just want to confirm that the black on/off switch will work with smart bulbs. I have a toilet closet that the switch always gets turned off. Then my light doesn’t turn on with motion in the middle of the night.


Yes, but you should be aware of the Black’s limitations. You can disable the relay so power won’t be cut to the bulb. It sounds like the primary way to turn on the switch is via the motion detector, so you’re ok there.

If you want to use the switch to turn the light on and off as well, you would have to use Direct Association, as the switch does not support scenes. DA is doable with Hubitat.

Thanks, that might be a little to advanced for me now, I’m a noob to Hubitat. I might get a motion sensor with light meter. Seems like 90% of the time the switch gets turned off is when the light comes on and the sun comes in the window.