Slow response time

Hi All,

I am hoping someone has some experience with this and can point me in the right direction on how to diagnose the problem.

I have a bungalow about 1250 square feet and have switches installed all through the house as well as zwave plugs that extend out in the backyard to control the pool pump and lights. On the main level I have 3 NZW30, and 10 LZW31-SN. In the basement I have 4 LZW31-SN.

The 4 LZW31-SN in the basement are extremely slow to respond. If I use the ST app and turn them on or off as well as voice command through google home it can sometimes take 3 - 5 minutes before they shut off.

My question is, is this caused by:

  1. Hub too far away?
  2. Firmware need updating?
  3. zwave network needs to be repaired

Thanks in advance

Something strange going on there.

There are definitely some things you can do to troubleshoot. I would start by running a z-wave repair. Pay attention to the existence of any ghost devices and remove them then repair again.

Also, go into the IDE and look at at the Route. With a small house, you shouldn’t see more than a hop or two between the device and the hub.

For testing, in the IDE, open the Events page on an Inovelli switch. Ask Google to turn the switch on or off. Immediately refresh the page. At a minimum, you should at least see and entry for the Google command. It should immediately be followed by the light on/off status entry. You’re looking at some evidence of delay between the events, trying to pinpoint where the delay occurred. Of course, you can do this for other devices where you know the issue occurred.

Do you have another other z-wave devices light constantly-powered smart bulbs not related to the Inovelli’s? Is the behavior the same?

Thanks Bryan,

I will run through your suggestions later this week and see If I can resolve the issue.

I don’t really have any other devices that have a similar problem. It is just the 4 switches in the basement. I have a zwave august door lock and GE Enbrighten Z-Wave Plus Smart Plugs. They all seem to work correctly.


Since they’re all in the basement, I’d check the signal strength on the switches as well.

I had already checked signal strength and it was fine.

I have been fumbling with this for a few days but think I have it partially resolved. When I was trying to repair my zwave network it didn’t do anything, I have never done one in the past but it would spin for hours.

I started thinking my august lock had something to do with it, it is the only device between the basement and upstairs. Additionally outside my inovelli switches it was one of the few zwave devices I have.

I removed the lock, repaired my network and the basement switches seem to be responding much faster.

Thanks for the help.

Glad you’re going in the right direction. Don’t forget that you can view the routing in the IDE, so you can look for problematic routes.

Thanks I wasn’t aware you could see the routing when you select the device. I just found it.

Extremely helpful. Wish I had looked at this ealier to confirm the basement lights were routed through the lock.

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