I’m currently using the previous model of the forthcoming RED SERIES • Z-WAVE 800 SERIES switch, which doesn’t include smart presence features.

I’ve successfully integrated my garage lights by creating automation rules on to activate them whenever a door sensor triggers or motion is detected in the garage, using a Qolsys motion sensor. I’m wondering if it’s possible to incorporate a Smart Presence sensor into my alarm system to use as a motion detector, particularly to automate the lighting in my walk-in closet based on motion. If the IQ Panel 4 isn’t compatible, can this switch be programmed to achieve this without needing extra equipment? If additional hardware is necessary, what minimal equipment would suffice for setting up these automation rules? I’d prefer to avoid using multiple hubs and controllers, as I’m currently equipped with the Qolsys IQ Panel 4, which is noted to be compatible with Inovelli devices. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Looking to pre-order the presence switches if there is a path forward on achieving my goals.

Thank you in advance!