Smart thing Hub killing wifi?

Hi, first time poster here, and new to this Smart home world.

I just purchased and installed:

  • smartthing hub v3
  • two LZW31-SN dimming switches red series (no neutral)
  • one LZW31-SN dimming switches red series (no neutral)

I have the hub installed in the living room via wifi (router is in kitchen on the same floor), the 2 red switches in the dining room (one controls the chandelier and the other a group of 3 recessed ceiling lights), and the black switch controls a grouping of recessed lights in the kitchen. All with LED bulbs.

In additional to the 3 inovelli switches, I have several other ‘smart devices’ now connected to the hub as well (ecobee thermostat, and a couple of smart plugs)

Took a while, but I think I have it installed right. I’m having some some quirks, but to keep this post short,
I’ll attributes those to my learning curve now.

The main issues I’m hoping to get some help on are:

  1. Since setting this up, my wifi on the second floor (bedrooms) is horrible, and at best “medium” on the main floor. I’m assuming this is related because it just started happening.

  2. I can’t get on gmail?? This is a wired one. I could get on other websites, but when trying gmail on my Chromebook and airbook, I get: " The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address". I could get Gmail on my phone, but can’t on any browser.

This may be connected but I also notice that other sites (e.g. do load, but doesn’t appear to load eveything… hard to explain, but page loads but many images/icons don’t load and only have the little icon for a missing picture…

  1. I installed the device handler, and can see all the cool options in the smartthing classic app for the 2 dining room switches (red), but don’t see them for the kitchen switch (black).

Thank you in advance!!

I don’t think any of that is connected. Smartthings could not possibly have effect over what loads and doesn’t in your browser. It also should have no direct relationship to any degradation of your WiFi signal. I’d contact your ISP.

OK, will do. Just so weird then that it happened right then

How about #3? Do the Black switches not have those device handler features?

No they don’t. The black series is a more basic switch, hence the lower price.

@drokach The only way I can see that happening is if you bought the SmartThings Wi-Fi which has a smart hub built in. Only way to really check if it’s the issues is to unplug SmartThings and see if you’re experiencing the same issue.

The SmartThings Hub by it self would not cause the issues you’re experiencing