SmartBulb-Like Dimming Mode Research

I have a weird scenario where I have special dimmable bulbs. Instead of being truly smart bulbs, they just use the dimming input to perform the actions - ie 50% is a different color than 100%.

I currently use smartthings, but got a new house and am planning on switching to home assistant. I own 0 inovelli switches today, because I just heard of them, but plan on buying blues.

One of the features I want is to make the physical “on” single tap set to a different dim based on the time of day. Some examples (in all the lights are in the off position, and the previous setting shouldn’t matter):
Noon - Single Tap On - Turn on to 100%
6 PM - Single Tap - Turn on to 60%
8 PM - Single Tap - Turn on to 30%

I understand that smartbulb mode, keeps power on all the time, sends only a signal to the smart service, then smart service sends a signal to the bulb.

Since I don’t actually have smart bulbs, I’m wondering if taping physically turns on first, then sends signal to the hub, or if that signal can be interrupted to do nothing physical until the program in the hub tells it what setting to dim to.

Sorry if it’s been asked before but I did a search and couldn’t find it, so don’t stack overflow-style destroy me, please.

You could have HA change the level the lights turn on at based on time. I think the parameter is maximum_load_dimming_level.

Good luck, that would never pass the WAF qa testing here.

I did some quick testing - the parameter is lights_on_level

Yes, you can set the default level (local AND zigbee) and control what level the switch turns on to through the day.

I do this myself!

My wife LOVES the circadian rhythym dimming into the night. Only takes once being BLINDED at 3am by closet lights (at new house) after being used to 1% lights (old house) to realize the benefit.

Actually, closets seem like a great use case. I’m going to end up ordering more switches.

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