SmartThings Edge driver latency and timeouts

Hi, I’m evaluating outfitting my 20 dimmer switches with Blue 2-1s. I’m using a hybridized system but primarily SmartThings, coupled with Hue and a HomeAssistant layer for random integrations.

Side note: My goal was to integrate these switches with Hue, but in smart bulb mode, I’ve been unable to sync the switch to the correlating devices in ST without an insane number of Routines. For now, I’ll focus on dumb bulbs.

My switch is joined to an ST V2 hub using Edge drivers on the 2.08 firmware.

Issue 1. Initially I’m using this switch with halogen bulbs and noticing that latency using the ST app is very poor (3+ seconds) when turning on-off the switch, while setting the dimmer value is almost imperceptibly fast. Is this a known issue or can I assist with reproduction?

Issue 2. Many settings in the device control tab within ST app do not respond to changes, and will time out after a brief delay. Knowing that 2.08 is not the latest firmware, maybe this is a regression with a newer Edge driver paired with the rolled-back firmware.

Is there a beta Edge driver channel where these issues may be fixed?

Have you tested and adjusted your minimum level setting? Many times when people complain that the dimmer takes a while to turn on, it is because the minimum is not set properly. In those cases, the dimmer has turned on but it is ramping up through levels that the bulb will not illuminate at. The min setting should be at a level above the minimum level required to eliminate the bulb (s).

I would also look at making adjustments in the ramp rate.

Thank you — interesting suggestion. I’ve adjusted the minimum level setting from 10 to 20. Anything lower than 10, and it was flickering anyway. I’m not sure if this change is directly responsible, but the switch is suddenly respecting my requested ramp rates, where they were previously completely ignored. i.e., setting to Instant didn’t have any effect, and it was stuck on the slower default ramp rate. The perception of speed over local control (toggling the physical switch) is quite fast.

My most concerning issue is that, when interacting with the device in ST, it’s quite unresponsive and often displaying incorrect values for power/energy. If any control via app commands work, it’s consistently slow while other devices are fast. I do not believe cloud latency is a factor.

Any other ideas? I’d love to help debug. I don’t work on Edge Drivers but I’d be happy to dig in on my side.

Screen capture:

I have seen those network errors from time to time across various manufacturers’ devices, so I’m familiar with what you’re speaking about. They seem to come and go. I presently don’t have that occurring on any of my Inovelli devices, including blues.

That being said, I rarely use the ST app to turn devices on and off. Most often, I use Sharptools dashboards or voice commands. So if that’s going on in the background, I wouldn’t know it.
But all of my devices are very responsive to those dashboards and voice.

Regarding the power settings, check your settings for parameters 18 to 20. I turn my power reporting off because I find it just clutters the history. So I can’t offer anything in that regard.

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