SmartThings IDE Parameter settings

Does anybody know if it is possible to change the parameter settings on Smartthings IDE? I have about 105- LZW30’s and LZW31’s (Black Series) and I need to make a lot of changes. It will take forever doing it on the switch itself. Thanks

I only have Reds, but yes you can, at least with those. To be honest, I’d probably do it in the settings in the Classic app. The presentation seems cleaner.

Thanks I Found those settings in IDE and the classic app which is definitely easier to use. Unfortunately the 2 parameters I need to change on most switches are not listed. 21 (Ac Power Type- Neautral - Non Neutral) 22 (Switch Type for 3-4 way). All of my switches came set as if we are not using a neutral. But all of my boxes have neutrals. I was hoping to just go in real quick and fix them all. Any ideas if they are hidden somewhere else or am i missing something? I emailed support a couple days ago but still waiting for an answer. Thanks

I’m not sure. My screenshot is from a switch, not a dimmer. (I don’t have an Inovelli dimmers.) Switches require a neutral, so I wouldn’t expect to see those setting there

Are you basing your comment on looking at my screenshot or looking at a dimmer in your own IDE? I still think it would be quicker from the app.

I was looking at a on/off switch. I just checked a dimmer and it doesn’t give me a preferences option. I’m wondering if that is a device handler issue. I think I have the correct ones installed. For device name it says “secure dimmer” for dimmers and for the on/off switches it says Inovelli switch. I guess its not recognizing the dimmers as inovelli’s. Thanks for helping me with this.

Someone who has a dimmer on ST is going to have to weigh in. I’m not using Inovelli dimmers.

Did you load both the parent AND child DHs?

Also, you can see that parameter in the app, right? Why not change them there?

I got it. I had the wrong device handler installed. But I also have to go in each device now and change the type to the correct device handler instead of “secure dimmer” Thanks for all of your help it definitely got me going in the right direction.

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