SmartThings Station no zwave

Samsung is offering SmartThings Station
Which does not support zwave.

Does it indicate that zwave is being phased out?
I’m concerned because i installed black
Series dimmers all over the house.

If Samsung drops zwave I’m afraid everyone else will and will lose all my black series switches.

There’s other hub manufacturers that will continue to produce Zwave capable hubs. ZWave isn’t going away anytime soon.

Recommend jumping ship.

So are you saying that because Samsung released a low-cost hub that does not have Z-Wave that other future smart things hubs like any that Aeotech might release won’t have Z-Wave? :yum:

Personally i like zwave since it doesn’t use the same spectrum as wifi. I wish zwave was as prolific as zigbee.

Yeah this was disappointing to say the least. I’m still honestly perplexed that Samsung came out with another hub after they wanted out of the hardware business a couple years back (hence why Aeotec took over sales of the v3 hub).

But this isn’t the first time Z-Wave got hosed. I think it was maybe 4-5 years ago when Amazon came out with their Echo Plus line and announced that they’d be Zigbee.

At the time it seemed like Z-Wave would be the appropriate route to go as Zigbee really only had Philips as a main driver and it was more like the Wild West in terms of compatibility with other Zigbee products.

But in terms of Z-Wave going away, this question has been asked almost every year (it’s a great question, I have it myself!) since we were starting out and every year it seems like Z-Wave makes significant improvements.

If I had to put my marketing hat on for a second, I’d say Silicon Labs strategy is to use Z-Wave as more of a commercial product, catering to the MDU (multi-dwelling-unit) space instead of the DIY segment we all are a part of.

The reason I’m saying this is they’ve always positioned Zigbee to be more DIY (easy to implement, cost effective) and have slowly positioned Z-Wave to be better at security, interoperable and most recently, created Long Range which I believe was a direct response to LoRa and allowed them to get in the MDU space I referenced above.

Long winded way of saying, I don’t see Z-Wave going anywhere anytime soon. As long as you keep seeing innovation, I think it’s here to stay.

We’re banking on it being around!

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I was just concerned since I’m fan of smartthings, although I haven’t tried other hubs.
I’m using the 2018 Smartthings v3 hub and been happy with it.

Kind of strange I never updated my drivers to edge driver and no issues yet. All my devices still work the same with old drivers (I guess from groovy IDE).