Smartthings to support Nest again!

With this new support, Samsung SmartThings users will be able to use thermostats, cameras, and doorbells in the SmartThings app alongside other smart home devices. This also means that some of Samsung’s appliances such as the well-known Smart Fridge will be able to control Nest devices. Samsung TVs will also be able to stream the video feeds from Nest Cams.


can’t wait until inovelli is WWST certified too :confused:

Maybe nest will support IFTTT again?

Checked today and found the option to add nest thermostat, doorbell, and camera.i also got a notification in ST that they added android auto support. You can add up to 6 devices or scenes to android auto.

It would be great if they allowed or had a way to use Google’s speaker devices for ST Announcements and Broadcasts.

I saw the notification in the ST app. I use app more than voice control.