(Solved) 4-way setup help needed

So I was replacing my 4-way setup with one of the new red switches, I was wanting to use 3 red switches but no clue how to hook that up, do I am back to using just 1 and 2 dumb switches.

I have it hooked up but it does not seem to work so looking for some help.

I am using:
1x Red switch (On/Off)
1x Leviton 4-way (#5604)
1x Leviton 3-way (#5603)

Any help is appreciated.

Also if anyone has had success with using just Red Switched in a 3-way /4-way setup can you also chime in. Would love to eventual get that to work so my switches are uniform looking.


Good evening @Almulder,

Let’s see if we can get you up and running.

Thanks for the info - any idea what your wiring looks like at the box? Here’s what would be helpful:

  • Pictures of each box with labels for each wire (or at the very least tell me where the line and load are)

Could not get good pics with my phone so I made this to replicate how I have it set up now, and its not working.

The Inovelli Switch works if I find the right combo of un and down between the 4-way and 3-way.

The wireing showing it going from 1 box to the next is correct, as I have traced the lines for connectivity, the lines going to the Inovelli switch (line was traced by checking for 120v with no switches hooked up. (Only one with 120v when powered).

I am willing to use all inovelli switches in the setup if possible or just using the dumb switches with 1 inovelli switch.


Ok after a nights sleep and going back to it today I solved my 4-way issue.

Here is how the wiring is for my switches. (the 3-way was not labeled and levitons instructions were wrong) Hope this helps others in the future.


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Hey so I have a similar set up except I have an additional 4 way switch between the 1st 4-way switch and 3-way switch. I’m getting a strange behavior when turning the lights on and off at the 1st 4 way switch, the light on the Innovelli switch flashes Red/Blue/Green. Then the SmartThing status gets out of sync with the actual status of the lights. Any thoughts on what could be the problem? My load and traveler wires should be going into the first 4-way switch and then the second 4 way and 3-way before going to the lights.

first thing I would do is trace and label all the wires. I used a multimeter and once I located my line, I then used the Continuity option and used a long wire and attached it to one of the other wires and then check to see which wire it was at the next box, and them labeled them so I knew what wire car from where. I continued to do this for all my locations (Sounds like you have a total of 4 switches, so a 5-way setup, mine was only a 4-way setup. aka 3 switches)

I know it can be done, but not sure how as it is more complicated and I dont have they type of a setup.
I did find this that might help some: