SOLVED: Blue series paddle sticks when pressing up or down

I’ve installed 6 of the 8 blue series dimmers that I bought and two of the 6 are having issues with the paddle. It’s sort of like it’s not seated properly. If I press down, it feels “normal” - a bit of a soft press in and then it returns to its base position. If I hit up, I can physically feel the paddle move and it sort of snaps a bit and doesn’t return to its base position. Hitting down again will sort of snap it back properly so that hitting down again feels normal.

It’s hard to explain but it just feels “off” compared to the other blue (and red) series that I have installed.

Could these be defective? If so, what’s my best course of action?

If there’s anything I can do to try and fix it, I’m all ears.

I noticed that same “sticks on up” behavior on one of my Blues.

I popped the face plate off-&-on, and I haven’t noticed the issue since. But it’s one of the bad-batch switches, so it’s currently installed (un-paired) in a low-use area, so I admittedly don’t hit it often.

But reseating the face plate definitely seemed to help in my case.

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Thanks…gives me some confidence I can try to fix it.

When you say “face plate”, just for clarity, do you mean #1 (the outside plastic piece around the paddle) or #2 (the paddle itself) in the picture below? Or are you talking about the generic switch plate cover (like this)?


“1” in your picture - it all comes off together (including air gap)

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Thank you. Will give it a try tonight.

You may want to take a look at the air gap on the bottom left also, it might be sliding up some where when you hit up on the paddle it pushes itself slightly under the paddle? Not enough that you can’t just push down and it goes back though is my guess.

So it turns out I’m an idiot…when I put the ground wire in, I pushed it too far and it was pushing the top paddle out. I noticed this while wiring a new switch and noticed the paddle had worked fine until I wired the ground and I saw what I did. As soon as I loosened the ground screw a bit, the wire pushed itself out enough to not interfere with the paddle.

Thanks for all the responses, though…I’m sure someone else will find this thread useful.