SOLVED: Remote 3 Way Blue Series 2-1

Hey all,

Here’s the scenario:

  • Blue series 2-1 pole switch controlling a light fixture
  • Another Blue series 2-1 switch on a different circuit that is just powered (it doesn’t have a load)

Is there a way to virtually set these two switches up in a 3 way? In z2m you can add them to the same group binding but when you turn one switch on, the other switch still remains in the “off” state. However, the lights work fine when being powered on/off by either switch.


Did you do binding in both directions? Binded switch A to switch B and vice Vera’s switch B to switch A?

Well that did it. Is there any reason why a z2m binding group, with both switches in it, doesn’t have the same effect as individually binding one to another both ways?

Man I cant even pronounce z2m let alone work it. I just remembered folks needing to bind it in both directions for things to work. There’s probably a reason for it; I just don’t know.

Edit: also thought there was some oolies with group but can’t remember. Maybe @stu1811 can define?

no worries. thanks for the help

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Group binding does work. I didn’t have time to verify last night but I believe you need to add EP2 to the group then on the switch bind the group to EP1. I’ll try to verify tonight.