Some switches unresponsive after brief power outage

I have a mixture of black series switches and red series dimmers, which are activated by motion sensors. I use them with Hubitat. Over the last few weeks, there have been very brief power blips in my area. After power is back, some random switch won’t turn upon motion, until I physically control the switches atleast one time. It’s not the same switches every time, but I have seen this happen with the black series switches more than the red dimmers

Is there any way to fix this issue? It can be annoyance to have to touch the switches to be functional upon loss of power

Try pulling air gap or cycle power breaker at the main panel.

I’ve had this problem since forever. it only shows with the black switches and the only option I have (that I’m aware) is pulling the gap switch to reset the switch until the next power outage.

Yea I have noticed this more with black switches. Seems like they may not be poling with the hub after a power outage? Not sure what’s going on

@EricM_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli Sorry for the tag. Do you have any idea what’s going on and how to fix this issue?