"Spotty" LED control of LZW31-SN

Hello! I’m having a little trouble with controlling the LED strip on LZW31-SNs and wanted to float my problem here in anyone else has seen anything like this before:

In my app code, I’m setting the config parameters directly:

  • inodimmer.setConfigParameter(13, ledcolor, 2)
  • inodimmer.setConfigParameter(14, ledlevel, 1)
    (ledcolor and ledlevel are obviously variables that get set depending on the scenario)

95% of the time, this works great! However, it’s the 5% that I am having trouble sorting out.

Sometimes the attempts to change the LED strip get honored but after significant delays – sometimes 5 seconds, sometimes 30 seconds. However, sometimes they just don’t get honored at all. When I’m in this situation, interaction with the switches still generate events on the hub.

I’m leaning towards this being an issue with the Hubitat C7 hub I have. I’m new to Hubitat, but I’m finding the C7 seems to have a slew of Zwave issues the Hubitat guys are slowly chipping away at with a new release every couple of day. I have Philips Hue lights everywhere (controlled by the Philips Hue bridge), so my hunch is that the C7 hub is able to rx Zwave messages from the switch and relay the appropriate commands to the Hue hub, but the hub is unable to tx the Zwave commands to the switch to control the LED strip.

Anyone else seen or heard of anything like this?

Thanks for any insight.


So I’ve gone from “leaning towards” to “fully convinced” that this issue is caused by Zwave issues on the C7 hub, and has nothing to do with the Inovelli switches.

It seems there is a 1:1 correlation between losing Inovelli dimmer LED strip control and losing the ability to turn any Zwave switch on/off. A reboot of the hub immediately fixes both of these things things for ~8-16 hours before another reboot of the hub is necessary. It seems specific to tx, because even when in this degraded state I continue to receive Zwave messages from motion detectors, door sensors, etc.

I’ll reach out on the Hubitat community forums to get to the bottom of this.