Standard Switches as Light/Fan controllers through scenes?

I have a Modern Forms fan that is connected to my home through smartthings. It’s wall control is not very well designed, I would prefer a more traditional switch like those offered from Innovelli. However, It is not compatible with standard light/fan controllers because it is a DC fan. It is enabled for smart controls through smartthings and Alexa integrations.

Would it be possible to connect a standard red switch or dimmer and put it in smartbulb mode and then use the switch as a scene controller only to control the fan/light? Tap up = increase speed, Tap down = decrease speed, etc?

Can you provide a little more information about how the fan is connected to ST? I see in the ST community that the fans connect, but there seems to be an issue that the fans aren’t available for automations.

It’s a cloud to cloud integration, but I’m able to set any of the fan settings as automations in the smart things app.

Got it. So it’s really a question of what things about the fan if any are exposed to other devices in SmartThings. I would start by seeing if you can turn the fan on or off or adjust its speed using a scene. If you can create a scene, then you can use something like the ABC button controller app to use the button presses from the Inovelli to trigger the scene.