Start level change LZW42

I am looking for ways to use the start and stop level change commands that are available in the inovelli driver for my bulb, but I am finding that it takes at most 1.5 seconds to go from 99 to 0 and less than that to go from 0 to 99.

Is there any way to change this or will I have to revert to some external calculation moving the level incrementally higher? I do use node-red so this is possible, but I was hoping that there was something in the driver that would control this. I have experimented with the dimming speed parameter, but it seems to have no effect.

Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.

I believe it has been confirmed that ramp rate is not adjustable on the these models because they are white label. I believe it is a firmware issue that the manufacturer would need to resolve/expose to inovelli.

Disappointing answer, but I appreciate the clarity. Life would be so much easier if everyone wanted exactly what I want and so it would be in a companies best interest to cater to my desires. :smile:

@Eric_Inovelli Did a firmware feature request page ever get created for the bulbs? I feel like there are a few requests on this front.