Strange behavior from Aux switch

Hi - I have a 3-way (no-neutral) setup with a blue series 2-1 dimmer and an inovelli Aux switch. The blue series works fine. The Aux switch up and down paddles don’t do anything, although pressing the config button will turn off the light. In Hubitat, I can see certain button presses from the aux switch, but not in the manner I’d expect.

For example, Hubitat shows ‘pressed 1’ when I tap down on the paddle, and ‘held 1’ when I press the config button. When I tap up on the paddle, nothing is recognized in Hubitat.

I’ve tried factory resetting the dimmer, updating firmware, re-initializing etc but nothing seems to get the aux switch behaving correctly.

Any idea why this could be happening?

Is the Blue switch type set to 3-way momentary?

Yeah, and ‘smart aux switch’ in Hubitat

Which conductor from the 2-1 is attached to the neutral terminal on the aux?

It’s a hot white wire in the neutral terminal on the aux switch. I have a multi-gang box at the light with a 3-wire routed to the box and then another 3-wire is routed to the other switch.

Yep, I was looking to make sure you sent a hot. Just double-checking . . you’re sure the white is hot. You would normally use the black conductor for the hot and leave the white unused, but color doesn’t really matter. Worth asking, though.

If the wiring is good, maybe it’s a Hubitat driver thing. That’s not for me, though.

If the wiring is correct then it could be a bad aux switch. Do you have another aux switch to swap with it?