Strange flicker with Red 2-1 switches and Philips LED Ultra Definition Flicker-Free Dimmable leds

I have two red switches in a 3-way setup with a couple of chandeliers that have 6 40w Philips LED Ultra Definition Flicker-Free Dimmable, Eye Comfort Technology, Soft White 2700K bulbs. Dimming and on/off works fine except there is an extra flicker at the end of a dimming operation, when done via the paddle from either of the two switches. It is as if the intensity overshoots, then returns to where it was supposed to be.

For example, increasing the intensity from 55 to 75 looks as it if goes 55…60…65…70…75…80…75 . A similar effect occurs when lowering the intensity. I do not see this effect with any other LED lights (either bulbs or recessed). I have installed these in the chandelier in the main hallway because they were supposed to be more “premium.”

Has anybody observed this kind of behavior?

Have you tried leading edge or trailing edge to see if the bulbs do it in each mode?

Sorry for dropping the ball on this (we’re still moving in the house). I have changed it to trailing and I think I see less of a flicker. Will monitor more intently and report back.