Suggestions to help Newby's

Just got a Hubitat, and trying to pair Inovelli switches. This is NOT for the faint of heart…

  1. I went to the Inovelli page on how to pair my switch to Hubitat
  2. The above page tells me to install the Device Driver before pairing
    (Why in the world is this not already installed I don’t understand, but I know that is not Inovelli’s issue)
  3. The directions for the Driver are as follows (copied from above link). But neither these directions nor the ones in the LZW30 article referenced match the Hubitat interface

[floatl]Please see below for instructions on installing the Device Driver. For more detailed information, please see our LZW30 Device Driver article.[/floatl]

1. Inside the Hubitat web interface, select the “<> Drivers Code” Button on the left side bar

OK so far

2. Then click, “New Driver” (top right)

Still ok

3. Now switch tabs and go to the LZW31-SN Raw Code link in GitHub

This makes no sense to a newbie. Better instructions would be to "Now click “Import” and you will get a pop up.
Then go to this link (put in a link) and copy the URL and paste it into the pop up box
Then click the “Import” button IN THE POP UP BOX (not the other one)

4. Select all code and copy it

not applicable

5. Go back to the Hubitat web interface and paste the code into the white box

not applicable

6. Click, “Save” – wait for the red, “Modified” word to disappear (this indicates the code was saved properly)

Revise this to Click “Save” in the upper right. (I don’t know about the “Modified” word…)
Then click the triple line hamburger in the upper left, and select “Drivers Code” to confirm the driver installed.

Hey thanks for the feedback! You definitely hit on something that we’re trying to fix and I’m in the middle of it right now :slight_smile:

Basically the main issue is that there are 5 of us here and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with instructions for all the hubs out there as their interfaces change constantly.

The idea we had was to create a community driven Knowledge-Base that is started by us, but maintained by the community (and us if we can). Trusted users will have the ability to edit the KB to keep it up to date.

Here’s the beta release: Docs - Inovelli Community

Apologies for the confusion and frustration – I’m really looking forward to getting this off the ground!

Did not expect a response from the company this late on a Friday night!
I really appreciate the response, but please don’t think after hours responses are necessary - we all need downtime, and we really like Inovelli and don’t want you to burn out (pun intended).

The knowledgebase looks great. Looking forward to the Hubitat version, especially how to update the firmware. It’s not clear what the “OTA Firmware Update Tool” referenced on this page is:

Alot of this seems to be due to the Hubitat. It is not a user friendly device. But I was anxious to access the other Inovelli options I read about and could not do so via the Abode…

All good, no such thing as business hours for me my friend!