Support for Matter? (re: Hue bulbs)

I was watching a video from Inovelli that mentioned possibly supporting Hue bulbs (using the Hue bridge) through Matter as a “loophole” to control the bulbs somewhat directly.

Has there been any update to the research on this?

It looks like the Hue bridge already supports Matter (beta) so I’m not sure what else is needed.

I’m also a bit unsure how this would help integration though. Right now my setup is a bit awkward involving a Z-Wave switch → Home Assistant → Hue Bridge → Hue bulbs.

I would purchase an Inovelli red-switch in a heartbeat, but unless I’m willing to switch to a different Zigbee hub I don’t think it will be an improvement. I think the only improvement would be something like: Inovelli switch (w/matter bridge?) → Hue Bridge → Hue bulbs?

(I’ve also posted this as a comment on the youtube video mentioned above…)

The question you need to ask yourself is do you ever plan on expanding outside of lights? Things like motion sensors (that aren’t $70 like the hue ones), temp/humidity sensors, lux sensors, blinds. Any of these things that pretty much fall outside of the hue ecosystem and are near-impossible to find in a zwave variant and severely overpriced when you do find them.

If so, the $20 investment on a sonoff zigbee stick is well worth it. You can run zigbee2mqtt right from home assistant, you could also ditch the hue bridge and just run one big network.

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Thanks for the reply. It looks like I forgot to mention that the main reason I can’t switch to a different hub (controller) is Hue Entertainment. As far as I understand, it requires the Hue Bridge. :frowning: