Swich recognized as light bulb in google using edge drivers

I had this issue before when I used the device handlers and I temporarily solved it thanks to an advice brian gave me, suggesting to remove this string that read ¨color control¨ or something like that, from the device handler.

well, I decided to give edge drivers a try and the problem came back. the invonenience of this, is that google thinks that switch is a color bulb (since the switch has an LED that can be changed in color) and won´t let me change the device type… so if I say ¨turn on the light¨, it would also turn this switch on because someone at google thought it was a great idea to group all lights without letting users to decide wether that´s useful or NOT. furthermore, I use my reds with ceiling fans so whenever I tell google to turn on the light, the fan starts spinning too. plus… if the swich is in the same room as a color bulb and you try to change the bulb´s color through a voice command, the switch would change its led color too.

since edge drivers are still in beta, just wanted to let you know for future upgrades to the driver.

What hub? This is a hub/control issue, not a driver issue IMO.

Also, reds aren’t rated for inductive loads of fans. Use a switch or wait for blue series. Highly highly recommend against red dimmer in fan service.

device handler = smartthings

I got switches, not dimmers

Ok gotcha. So @EricM_Inovelli might have to weigh in here as I thought the switch would be a switch in smartthings (binary control) with a child light for LED bar color control which can or can not be exposed to google (unless they made a change where you expose everything then disable on the google end?).

Either way, I’m not sure how to fix the light has fan on smartthings. Their forum might be more helpful? I know exactly how to do this in Home Assistant but it’s been a while since I left ST.

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Are we sure that it is using the Edge Drivers? I know when I added my Ilumin bulb, I had to remove a bunch of the DTHs before it would actually take the Edge driver. It recognized as an outlet and a switch before it finally took the Edge drivers.

I couldn’t get the drivers to work. I even uninstalled the device handler. that didn’t work neither.

smartthings would recognize the bulbs as inovelli but wouldn’t use the edge drivers. it took some basic device handler from the list and called it a day.

ah, it didn’t appear as a color bulb. only white. in the end I installed the device handler again and I’m using the bulbs the traditional way once more.

Yeah. These were all of the DTHs I had to remove before my bulb would use the Edge driver.

I guess I’ll wait for the edge drivers to officially come out… eventually.

I tried the other day because of this error with the colors but I totally hate having to set up devices and creating all routines again :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I hear you. The only reason i did my ilumin was it was a new addition to my house, so there weren’t any routines for it yet.

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Are you in the ST beta program for Edge drivers? From looking at the Github repositories, it seems to me that if you are not in the beta program, the Edge drivers for Ilumin aren’t exposed.

Yes. I signed up for other things prior, as well as signing up for the Inovelli edge drivers.

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I enrolled too. my red switches are running on the edge drivers (with some limitations though, but running locally).

Ok, good. Makes sense now, which is unusual, lol.