Switch Compatibility - Light and Fan


I hope I have selected the right section for this question.

I have a celling fan/light combo in my daughter’s room, with three hue lights installed. They are currently connected to a dumb fan/light switch.

I would like to replace the switch with a single switch that maintain control over both the light and fan. I’m leaning towards the Blue Smart Dimmer and Smart Fan & Light Canopy Module, but I would like to ensure the current wiring is compatible.

I’ll be running everything via Home Assistant, is Blue/Zigbee the recommended protocol or is Z wave a better fit?

Current wiring:

If someone can please see the attached images and confirm compatibility I would greatly appreciate it.

The blue smart dimmer and the canopy module are likely going to be the correct choices.

What you need to determine, however, is whether or not you have a neutral in the box. Your picture isn’t the greatest because that wire nut is hiding a good portion of the wiring. It looks like you have THHN conductors within EMT conduit. That makes it a bit more difficult to diagnose configuration from a picture.

You are going to need both a hot and a neutral to power the smart dimmer.