Switching DC Bath fan with Blue 2 in 1 or Fan?

I pre-ordered one of the new Blue Series fan switches for use in a bathroom exhaust fan. Since placing the order I’ve been thinking about my fan that was recently installed. This is a DC fan with soft start functionality. My knowledge of electronics focuses mainly on low voltage devices so I’m not entirely sure the characteristics of a DC motor driver.

Would a DC bath fan like the one above be okay to be controlled by a normal blue series 2 in 1? Or is it likely that the power circuitry still presents as an inductive load even though the fan itself is not powered directly from mains voltage?

I don’t think either switch support DC fans.

Definitely not as a speed controller since it is a DC fan. But probably the fan switch in the Exhaust Fan On/Off mode if you don’t care about the two speeds. In that mode, I believe that the switch is working as a simple on/off, so I would not think the motor type would an issue. Inovelli should confirm, however.


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Exactly this. Technically the fan can be set between two speeds but requires taking the cover off and flipping a switch. In my current use with a dumb switch it is effectively a single speed fan and I’d expect the same behavior with the zigbee switch.

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