Syncing 3/4-Way Inovelli Dimmer LEDs

I have a 4-Way switch installed with 3x Red Series Dimmers (LZW32-SN) for one light. I know it’s somewhat unnecessary, but for my install, and the LED notifications, I decided to go with 3x Red Dimmers and the ZWave Associations. Functionally, the dimmers work perfectly.

My question is, how does everyone sync the LED bars among these? If I turn on/off the light, the LED bars show whatever the status of the last local change was. They are never in sync.

I read in the documentation that there should be a way though your home automation hub to sync them, but I haven’t found any examples.

I’m using zwavesjs2mqtt and Home Assistant. I’m fairly savvy with Home Assistant, so I’m not scared of YAML, if a custom automation is needed.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


You need to setup associations between all the different dimmers with groups 2, 3 and 4. You have 1x load and 2x non load dimmers. Call them L, NL1 and NL2.

Associate L to NL1 with groups 2, 3, and 4
Associate L to NL2 with groups 2, 3, and 4
Associate NL1 to L with groups 2, 3, and 4
Associate NL2 to L with groups 2, 3, and 4
Set param 12 (Association Behavior) to 11 on NL1 and NL2. A value of 11 means all sub parameters are enabled except [2-112-0-12-4] Association Behavior: Z-Wave Hub

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Wow, Stu! Thanks for the thorough write-up!

I currently have NL1 and NL2 associated to L with Groups 2 and 4, per the KB article, using Option #3: Via Manual Association Configuration

At the time of installation, I associated NL1 and NL2 to L with Groups 2 & 4 (per the KB article above), I also need to set those same associations in the reverse direction?

This won’t break anything with the functionality of the dimmers?

Again, I really appreciate the help!

Thanks - Jonesie

You need the associations in both directions to sync everything. By setting param 12 to 11 on NL1&2 it prevents conflicting info from getting back to the hub.

On NL1 and NL2 Param 12 Associate Behavior Z-Wave Hub [68-112-0-12-4] I have [1] Enabled (Default) or [0] Disabled. I don’t have 11 or 12.

You want [0] Disabled. It’s a binary sum of all the param 12 options.

[2-112-0-12-1] Association Behavior: Local = 0b0001 = 1
[2-112-0-12-2] Association Behavior: 3-Way = 0b0010 = 2
[2-112-0-12-4] Association Behavior: Z-Wave Hub = 0b0100 = 4
[2-112-0-12-8] Association Behavior: Timer = 0b1000 = 8

If all bits are Enabled [1] they add to 15 (1+2+4+8). If you set the hub to Disabled [0] you get 11 (1+2+8).

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