T8 LED Conversion and Blue Series 2-1 Switches

I wanted to get some feedback and possibly some input from those that have done this type of thing already. I have a workshop with 13 T8 4-light fluorescent strip fixtures (https://www.homedepot.com/p/Lithonia-Lighting-Tandem-4-Light-White-Fluorescent-Electronic-Ceiling-Strip-Flushmount-TC-2-32-120-1-4-GESB/100192753).

I would like to replace the existing dumb switches (lights are broken up into two banks - east/west) with 2 Blue 2-1 switches. I’m curious if anyone can provide some advice on what I need to know about converting to T8 LED bulbs - and if I need to be aware of anything as it relates to using this kind of setup with the 2-1 switches.

Dimming would not be a necessary option. Mostly I’m interested in having remote and automation abilities.

Putting your quantity of lights aside for a moment, if you wanted to convert a fluorescent light fixture for use with a 2-1, you would want to re-fit your fixtures with ballast bypass bulbs, sometimes referred to as Type B. You can’t use the 2-1 with a ballast, so this eliminates that hurdle. There are plenty of YouTube videos that discuss how to do the conversion, to include discussion of the two wiring schemas.

In your case, however, you have a significant quantity of tubes, 52. You’ll have to check the potential load on each switch, depending upon how the fixtures are divided between the two switches. Ballast bypass tubes typically pull between 10 and 20 watts depending on the bulb, so you’ll have to see how that shakes out. The Blue limit is 300W LED, so you may very well find yourself over the limit with just two switch legs.

If you are over the limit, you can consider using relays at each of the fixtures, this would substantially reduce the load on the switches. You could still convert to LED tubes for efficiency sake, but with relays you have the choice of plug and play Type A LEDs or the ballast bypass LEDs, with the latter being more energy efficient.


Exactly the info I was looking for. Thank you for such a concise and informative reply.

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