Target 1 firmware latest version question

Hey all, maybe this is a question for people at Inovelli, but I finally got my last set of dimmers (the LZW31-SNs) from the pre-order that shipped out last week. I installed two of them and noticed that they have higher revisions of the firmware so I thought I’d update all of my dimmers to the same firmware so they’re all in sync.

I can see that the latest target 0 firmware (the .otz file) is v1.57, and that’s also what my new switches are reporting. However, I’m getting mixed signals on the target 1 firmware latest revision (the .bin file). The website says the latest is v1.44, but my two new switches are reporting v1.45? Which is the latest version, and if it’s 1.45, where would I go about downloading that (I can’t seem to find it on the website, but I haven’t yet asked Inovelli directly for it yet)?

I’m using Home Assistant and Z-Wave JS if that helps anyone with background info.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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1.45 is probably right, but let’s confirm with @EricM_Inovelli As Production number maybe increased by one?

Isn’t it labelled 1.44 in the file but when installed it reports as 1.45?

@PJF - That could be it, but can’t check as I sold my house with all the switches. I seem to remember something to that affect.

The firmware here loads as 1.44. I just updated a dimmer.

Sorry, I’ve updated the KB page. I think they just iterate the version on the bin for production.

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Ok perfect. Thanks everyone!

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