Thanks Inovelli

I just wanted to say how awesome Inovelli has consistently been for me with getting orders out after I placed them. I ordered a couple refurbs yesterday late afternoon and they’ve already been shipped. That led me to looking back through orders since I first ordered anything from you all, and everything was shipped same or next day, with a single exception being 2 business days (which is also not bad at all). It’s really cool and very appreciated how on it you’ve been, so just sharing some positivity.


Thanks for the kind words @chack! We love everyone here in the community (and beyond) who supports us day in and day out!


This is all our badass Operations Manager @Courtney_Inovelli! She has been a total boss at not only getting our packages out but making sure everyone is being kept up to date on their shipments, returns, refurbs… pretty much anything and everything customer product related. We couldn’t do it without her!


I’m crying.


Well way to be a badass :slight_smile:


I’ll second the amazing job with shipping, exchanges, and even the interesting adventures with the free shipping not applying correctly at times. Operations may not always be a glamorous job, but the work doesn’t go unnoticed (perhaps unmentioned at times).

I’m looking forward to placing my next order soon :slight_smile:


Thank you @amdbuilder! :grinning:

I hope you’re not crying again . . . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A touching moment. Who knew normal business practices could hit so close to home :woozy_face:


There were refurbs for sale? How did I miss this?

Yeah, it got posted over in the out of stock thread - Out of Stock Item Thread w/ETA's - #367 by Courtney_Inovelli

They weren’t around for long though, I saw it the morning after and then within another day or so they were gone. Depending on what you’re looking for though, the Red Dimmers should be available to order again shortly along with the 10packs of Red On/Off.

In another thread I commented how the exploded view on the dimmer product page was cool how it exploded as you scrolled but in reality it was useless for explaining or selling the dimmer. I also commented that a graphic showing example notifications could be more useful. I now see a graphic showing example notifications is there. There were complaints that the fan switch page didn’t explain the canopy module. Courtney was in that thread and make some improvements based on that feedback. Nice work!


Finally getting some time to get into the community and saw this thread. Thanks @chack for your kind words. Sometimes the various communities/tickets, etc can get us down and it can be overwhelming, so it’s nice to see some positive news lol.

Agree with @Brianna_Inovelli – all credit here goes to @Courtney_Inovelli. She really is a rockstar with all things operations and the glue that holds this mess we call Inovelli HQ together!

Lol, what a world we live in, huh?

We really do listen, I promise!