The Backorder Thread

As @Bry so eloquently put it, the way things work with Inovelli is basically

I thought it would be useful to have one thread where we could ask the Inovelli staff about ETAs for backordered products, where they can be brutally honest.

I was caught by surprise (stupidly, I’ve been around here long enough to know how this works) when I saw the Z-Wave 2-1 switches were out of stock. I saw something indicating that you’re expecting another batch of Zigbee 2-1s in January, but what about the other products?

Honestly it would be great to have a single place to go for the latest update on availability specifically, across all the different products. Maybe the forum isn’t the best format for that, since you have to wade through a bunch of posts to find the most recent info, but it’s certainly easy to use.


@Eric_Inovelli Any updates on expected timelines here?

Z-Wave 2-1 should be here within a few weeks. Latest timeline we have is arrival on December 20th.

Zigbee 2-1 should arrive around mid to end of January.

We do try our best to keep the product pages up to date as well, although I know it isn’t always 100% accurate. But usually those will also reflect expected date for them to be in stock if we know it.

Thanks! Is the December batch of Z-Wave 2-1 going to have the newer LED strip, like the fan switches, that’s slightly brighter?

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Will this slide because of Chinese New Year???

I don’t think so - it’s already shipped I think - just takes 30 days by sea.

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I was going to ask if you shipped it on the proverbial slow boat from China when I saw the 30 days figure…but that ironically seems to be the actual shipping method… :rofl:

Airplanes are expensive. Especially when you’ve got a few pallets to move at once. :rofl:

Haha! It’s actually the fast boat! 30 days is short in comparison to most sea freight. Much cheaper than air but still faster than traditional shipping by sea.