Three way LZW31-SN Red Series Dimmer Switch and three way dumb switch

No matter what i do i can’t get inovelli to work with dumb 3-way switch correctly.
So wiring setup is that line comes to 31sn, two wires one is romex b,w,g and second is b1,w1,r1,g1.
so b(line) is on switch line. b1is load and neutrals are together and in switch neutral. grounds are together. red is traveler.
on the dumb switch side, I have two wires same thing as above.
so dumb switch has three terminals. common is load (b1) from inovelli, red is traveler from invelli switch on the same side of dumb switch as common terminal and load is on opposite from second wire.
ground and white are tied together.
I have two track lights, each carries 7 lights each.
On the 31sn I went and manually did config for AC power settings 12 +1 and for dumb switch 13 +1.
At the end, same thing happens, i can turn on all lights and dim them too from inovelli switch side and I can turn them off from the dumb switch side. However inovelli will not be turned off, the blue line is fully loaded.
at the point invelli is useless until I toggle dumb switch again. Now interesting thing is that track lights are setup that B and W are on closer track and B and W are from there connecting to other track.
Also, if I would in this stage turn down inovelli and load it again, I have no lights but i get with multi meter about 90 V between black and white on entry track. i can verify that dumb switch is is switching power correctly between traveler and load.
When i toggle again dumb switch everything is fine. Ether I get lights back if they were originally loaded or i can load them on the invelli side.

So I spent way to many hours on this, and I am out of any other options.
Any suggestions?

I don’t fully understand your description above, but let’s start with this. When the dumb switch is in a position where the Inovelli is working properly and then you turn the dumb switch to the other position, does the Inovelli lose power? In other words, does the LED go all the way out and holding the config button does nothing. You may have to do this in a dark room to see if the LED goes out, or press on the config button to see if the LED lights up.

Hi, I thought I explained well but here it is again,
Your scenerio, dumb switch will shutdown lights but dimmer inovelli will not loose power, and blue light on side stays on. After that nothing on inovelli side will turn switch on. The only way is to walk back to dumb switch and turn the switch back.
Does this helps…

Thanks. So there are two possibilities here.

The first is that the dimmer’s parameter for the switch type isn’t set properly. i know that you set it at the switch, but for some reason, it’s a common issue that it just doesn’t get set correctly. Are you using a hub? If so, which one? If you are, I would factory reset the dimmer, add it to the hub, and then set the parameters from the hub.

You can also factory reset the dimmer and try to set it at the switch again, starting fresh. It sounds like you did it right, but I’ll post the video on how to do it just in case.

The other possibility is that it’s not wired correctly. I know you explained how you wired it, but if it’s not settings, it’s wiring. I’d try the settings first.

You have the common wrong on the dumb switch. Swap it with the load wire which should be on the common.

That is my thinking too

Thanks Brian,
Well wiring was perfect. Problem was that inovelli doc or thread that I was working from was ether wrong or I did not do it correctly. I use ha home assistant. After I included two inovelli switches and changes type and neutral connection in conf, everything works perfect. Thanks for advice.


Nope,wiring was fine. I am amateur but I also know my way around electric stuff. Problem was in switch config that I tried to correct via config button. Using home assistant and zwave + I was able to configure type and neutral hookup in inovelli switch thus stuff works like a charm.
Thanks for trying …

Excellent, you just can’t describe the wiring then because you posted the load of the Inovelli is wired to the common of the dumb switch and that’s not how it should be wired.