Toggle button push vs rocker

I have installed my blue switches as “dumb” switched thus far during new construction but have a question that relates to configuration/operation options:

I have other smart switches (treatlife brand) that have a push toggle to turn lights off and on where you depress the bottom of the switch to toggle the light off and on (the top of the decora style does not depress and has no function.). It simple push down once to turn on, then push down again to turn off.

Since my blues may be installed next to these treatlife switches, is there a way to configure the blues to operate in a similar manner? I’ve already had family complaints because some switches you push down to turn on and others you push up to turn on… Just trying to see if there’s a way to configure it.


You could disable local control in the off position then use scenes to turn on or off depending on the condition of the switch.

Worth noting that if your hub is down, your switches won’t work in this configuration though.

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I’m not even sure what that is with a local hub. :slight_smile:

I plan to connect to Home Assistant as hub after move in. I’m just feeling out possible solutions to configure or if it’s even possible

I assume you’ve got these?

If so I believe @harjms’s suggestion would be the only possible solution.
Enable local protection and then setup an automation to toggle the light.

I would also duplicate the automation for up on the paddle otherwise literally everybody who does not live in your house will struggle and likely bitch about your light switches since it doesn’t follow the way everybody knows how to work a light switch of up = on down = off. You’ll see them pressing the up over and over and cursing when the light isn’t coming on.

This does mean that your lights will not work if your hub is down. It will also introduce some delay as the hub processes the command and fires the event. If it were me, I’d just trash the treatlife switches because they don’t operate in the logical way that people would expect.

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