Toggling Switch in HASS turning on LED is a separate switch?

This is an odd one and I’m at a loss for how to troubleshoot. I have two switches side by side. The first is a Blue Series 2-in-1 dimmer switch, and the other is a Blue Series fan switch.

I have it wired as follows:

  • Hot wire into the Line port of the Dimmer.
  • Then a small jumper wire from the other Line port to the Line port of the fan switch.
  • Load/Neutral also connected as expected to their respective switches

Manually flipping the switches controls the light/fans as I’d expect. I added both switches to Z2M and they paired without issue. Dimmer switch functions as expected when I interact with it in HASS.

However, when I try to toggle the fan switch in HASS, instead of turning on the fan, it turns on the blue bar LED on the side of the Dimmer switch, nothing else.

It’s worth noting that I have this exact same setup in two other places in my house and they’re both working perfectly.

Anyone know what might cause this behavior?

Well, after hours of software troubleshooting and checking wires, I found the issue. I had the switch types reversed!