Triggering scenes with dimmer

ok, i’ve read through the instructions that came with the dimmer, but can’t find this info anywhere.

I have a dimmer set up in the room where i watch movies and TV. I have an LED strip light that I bought (while waiting for project cribs of course) and would like to be able to trigger a scene using the dimmer.

In looking at the device page on my hubitat hub, i don’t see any way to configure the “config” button or multiple presses of the rocker.

Any way to do this without using something like rule machine to trigger a virtual switch whenever i turn the lights on?

You will have to setup rule machine to configure the button pressed or held in order to trigger the lights.

To add to the above: you need to use an app (Rule Machine is one option) to automate your device. Your device is, I assume set up fine — you don’t need to look much at the device page anymore. Apps are what create automations using events from devices (or anything, really).

Here’s something you might try:

  1. Install Rule Machine if you don’t already have it: Apps > Add Built-in App > Rule Machine.
  2. Open Rule Machine. Create a new Rule and name it what you want (I like to prefix all mine with “Rule -” so app names are clear in my logs, but you can do whatever you want).
  3. Select “Button Device” as the trigger type. (This instantly makes Rule Machine less scary. Now you get basically what used to be the old Button Controller app. If you still have that installed, you could keep using it instead of doing steps 1-3 here.)
  4. Now you’ll see that you can assign actions to button events (this is how most Hubitat drivers interpret Z-Wave Central Scenes like the ones the Red Series Inovellis send). Figure out what button events correspond to what you want. For example, with Inovelli’s provided driver, “button 2 pushed” is two taps up and (confusingly, in my opinion) “button 2 held” is two taps down. If you want to turn on a light, you can use options under the " Control Switches, Push Buttons" (to turn on/off) or “Set Dimmers and Bulbs” (to turn on and/or set color, color temperature, level, etc.) action categories.

Good luck!

i’ve used rule machine quite a bit in my modest set up…didn’t think to use the button controller function in rule machine for that. i have a few button remotes, so i’m familiar with how it works. Just have to figure out which “button” is that config button.

thanks for the help.

I believe it’s 7 Pushed

Sitting here trying to do this and realizing that my red series dimmer doesnt come up as a “button device” but my red series switches do.

Must be a driver issue as hubitat doesnt “see” any buttons other than the rocker panel.

went to the devices tab for one of my red series switches and see a bunch of “buttons” that can be used in the button device rule but none of them are available on the dimmers.

What driver are you using? Hubitat’s latest firmware update, 2.1.8, added dedicated devices for I think all Inovelli switches/dimmers except the Red Dimmer, LZW31-SN. The built-in drivers don’t support anything beyond double-taps, though, so you’ll need Inovelli’s drivers for that (all 5 taps) for any device, and you’d definitely need something for the Red Series Dimmer regardless (Hubitat’s generic Z-Wave driver might work for some things, but definitely not all taps).

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ok…hadn’t realized that the driver for the dimmer had been updated. just went and updated the driver and now i have tons of options :slight_smile:

ok…got it all working now!

thanks for all the info…love when the community comes together and helps out a fellow member.

Using stephack’s ABC button controller you can achieve the same thing with Hubitat.