Troubleshooting: re-occuring but random Blue Series LED freezing

Hi all, I’m a bit stumped with what’s going on with my LEDs and hoping someone can help. I have 3 blue series 2-1 switches and 1 blue series fan switch. I have the LED colors tied to temperature so they update regularly throughout the day and turn off at night. Over the past several months I started noticing the LEDs would freeze in a given color and then not turn off at night. It’s happened with all 4 at once and with random switches freezing first, followed by the rest. The first couple times this happened, I had a few home assistant updates in the queue so I ran them thinking perhaps something was out of date, and that seemed to fix things and the LED would resume changing colors. However the past 2 times this has happened, updating HA has not worked to unfreeze the LED. I’ve taken to air gapping the switches, which then reverts the LED to the default values - however I cannot make any change from there - I can’t even update the default color values, it’s as though I’m losing the ability to control the switch from the hub. Factory resetting the switches does not work, nor does removing from zigbee2mqtt and re-adding (though I lost scene control when I did that). The last time this happened I gave up because I didn’t have time to troubleshoot further (also contacted support but nothing worked), but then randomly the LEDs began working again a week later! The scene control came back as well. There were no HA updates in between. I’m just stumped on what could be causing this, but it seems to be a regular-yet-random occurrence. Any ideas on how to fix it or anyone else run into anything similar?

Update: on this latest occurrence, 3 of the 4 switches had their LEDs freeze for about 3 days. I air-gapped and factory reset 2 of them with no luck (the LED reset to the default colors but then I could not change them from their, not even to change the default colors. Then, 2 days later they all started working again (no changes made by me). Following that, one switch went back to a frozen LED. I air-gapped just to get back to an LED that solid but it was still frozen after that. 12 hours or so later it started working again.