Two Black Series Dimmers dead nodes

I have two switches that now show as “dead” in HA zwave js. I have tried reinterviewing and excluding to re-add the node, but had no luck. The zwave signal test shows green and then red, however these switches are only approximately 10 ft away from the hub through a wall. They were previously connected fine for about 3 months, but now they stopped working. I even tried factory reset, but it still says no signal. Could there be a problem with the zwave radio in these? I have 6 other switches still running fine.
I have also tried “resetting” with the air-gap. No luck.
The switches work manually and the LED bars still function.
Thanks in advance for any advice.

I tried the range test yesterday. It went green while I was holding the config then flashed red when I released it. This was at a good location with a couple of known to work devices so that just appears to be how the range test works. That red bar certainly is confusing though.

Do you mean after holding the config button >20s until the device factory resets that the range test still showed green then red? If so, then it appears the radio is good and you have a good signal.

Ah, ok good to know. Maybe it’s something wrong with my HA zwave js then. Thanks for the response!

So this is strange, I tried the zwave test on a few of my working switches and some never show red. However there was one that went green to red. So, I guess there’s an issue with the zwave test method, and I’m thinking the zwave radios in the non-working switches still might be bad.

I have the same problem with one of my Black Serie Dimmer.

Last week, there was an outage, when after the outage, the dimmer never came back on my z-wave network.

It was in a 3way with a dumb switch, and it look like it reverted to default single pole switch, as the 3way was funky. I was able to re-set to 3 way using the config button since, but was never able to exclude/include in z-wave. I tried a full reset (20sec), nothing. And i have the same problem with the signal tester. The other black dimmer that is 4 inch on the left work as expected and show green in the signal tester.