Two Blue Series with Same Settings Show Different LED Levels

I’ve just finished installing my 2nd Blue 2-1 (with many more coming up) and noticed an oddity: the 2 switches in this photo have identical settings but show a different gradient on the LED strip. They’re both set to ~70% brightness. Both are set to 100% default LED on intensity. Firmware is 2.15 on both.

Simply a manufacturing difference in the LEDs themselves, or am I missing a configuration value somewhere?

Thanks a ton for any advice!

Different mins or maxs, maybe?

Verify all defaultLedNIntensityWhenOn where N is 1-7 are all set to 101.

The min/max on load? This was my first thought, actually. I set them both to 1 - 254 to test, but same behavior. The max for default intensities are both set identically, too, at 100. Great idea, though.

Just did, and yup… they’re set to 101 for each LED on both devices. Also a great idea; thanks.

Maybe it’s worth trying a factory reset, I suppose, though it was a newly installed switch. I guess I should figure out which switch I should use as reference. I think the one on the left looks more accurate to the % brightness I’m setting the switch at, but maybe I’m wrong.

Just to get to basics, though… does anybody know, specifically, how the switches determine LED on/off + intensities for specific brightnesses? I assumed it would be based on the ‘level’ param (1 - 254) that I see in HA, but is it possible that it’s actually using something like “Active Power”? In this scenario, the 2 switches are controlling very different devices with different active power outs (one is canned LED’s, the other is a chandelier).

@EricM_Inovelli - apologies for the ping, but I see you around these parts enough. Do you think this is worth just filing a support ticket? I’m unsure whether that’s useful versus these forum posts.

This isn’t a major deal and I adore the switch regardless, but there’s that little OCD part of me that knows the switches are at the same brightness % value but clearly showing different LED gradients. I’d be happy to provide more photos and diagnostic data on this.

Have you checked your ledBarScaling parameter? That switches between gen 2 mode and gen 3 mode. Maybe you have the switches set to different modes.

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This might be on the right path. Apologies for the ignorant question, but I’m using ZHA and the way I’ve found to communicate with the switches is the “Clusters” UI where you can select the endpoint + attribute to read/write. Do you know which “cluster” this is stored in from that UI, or should I look into an alternative method of querying the switches?

I do not, sorry. I moved from ZHA to Zigbee2mqtt years ago due to compatibility issues with my rolling shades so haven’t kept up with it. It looks like Inovelli had a video on how to find the params on their ZHA documentation though. Hopefully that helps!

Does ZHA create entities for control of the device? This is something that Z2M does, and every setting for the switch has an entity created and is accessible through the device page.


If not, this alone may be worth the jump to Z2M because interacting with settings via entities or the Z2M UI is significantly easier than looking up clusters.

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I was being a dunce earlier. I was looking for the param within the ZHA cluster groups, but it was already staring me right in the face as an entity on the device, here…


This wound up being exactly what caused the difference! When I was comparing the settings across the 2 devices this diff just got by me. Thanks a ton! Everything matches perfectly now.

Now off to go install more of these.