Two frozen red on/off switches

Out of ~20 Inovelli Switches I have two that seem to freeze every few days. Not sure what causes it, I just notice at some point they’re unresponsive. Cutting the air gap fixes the switch temporarily, but they’ve both become frozen again a few times now.

They both have v1.21 firmware. Not sure if there’s any new versions or even how to flash these devices if thats the case.

Can’t say there’s much special about these two compared to all the others I have.

  • both are Red On/Off Switches
  • one is on a 3-way circuit, the other isn’t.
  • one is in a electrical box w/ two other inovelli switches (which work fine), the other one is in a 1-gang

Anything else I can try?

Worth factory resetting and adding back into your network.