Unable to change any configuration on red series dimmer


I have a red series dimmer, it’s connected to home assistant via zwavejs. It’s working fine for sending scene messages but I’m not able to change any configuration values, exclude it, or do a factory reset.

Changing any configuration/protection values (either through Home Assistant or directly on the zwavejs console) and then refreshing causes them to go right back to what they were before. Trying to exclude has nothing happen as well as holding down the config button for twenty seconds to try to reset it.

I was able to update the firmware version to 1.61 (was trying everything I could think of to get the switch to a better stte).

Any ideas on what else I could be trying or where else I could be looking for details on what’s going wrong?

Do you have remote protection enabled (i.e., Z-Wave control disabled)? Pretty much anything that can change the device over Z-Wave, whether externally visible (switch, level, etc.) or internal (configuration parameters, including things like what you mentioned, the LED bar, and more), will not work. Not sure about the reset or exclusion procedure, which seems odd, but it’s possible it covers that, too…

There is probably a configuration option in ZWaveJS for this, though I haven’t used one with that recently to say for sure what it looks like. I don’t believe there is a way to do this from the switch itself (only local protection, which does not have this effect).

Yep, both local and remote protection are enabled at some level and they’re having the same issue with not being able to disable them. Trying what would normally toggle the local protection from the switch (I believe tapping config button eight times) is also not working