Unable to get my Red Series LZW30-SN to use Edge Driver

So my Red Series switch stopped working a few weeks ago (i.e., not responsive to normal up/down commands, had local control disabled, etc.) It’s not a key piece of my smart lighting, so I figured I would get to it when I had some time. So I’m looking at it now, but I’ve run into problems.

I still have the old DTH installed for this switch, am unable to remove it for some reason, and I cannot get the switch to find the Edge driver. I’ve signed up for the driver and have already converted one of the switches in my house to use the Edge driver and this works. This is the other switch on my hub that now refuses to find the Edge driver.

I removed the switch, factory reset the switch, and it pairs and immediately finds the old device handler on the Groovy site. Can anyone advise as to how I can both delete the old DTH and/or get this switch to use the new Edge drivers?

In the ST app, open the card for the Hub and from the top right menu, select Driver. Scroll down to the “Channels you hub is registered to” section and post a screenshot of all the channels.

Update: I was able to remove the old device handler, but now the new switch just comes up as a generic Z-Wave switch. When I go to the details section for the device, the only options are Edit and Information (no Settings or Driver options at all).

Thanks. I would try a general exclude of the switch. I’m thinking that the switch wasn’t totally removed, so it keeps coming back as what it had been. Then factory reset the switch again before adding it back.

For the general exclude, run the Z-Wave utilities on the hub and select Z-Wave Exclusion. Then 3x on the config button while that is running. You should get a message indicating a device was removed.

After removing, look in both the app and the IDE and make sure that the device is gone.

Long press on the config button until the LED turns red to factory reset.

I just tried what you suggested. Same issue with only Edit and Information coming up under a device named Switch.

Aha! So “Scan a QR code” adds it as a generic switch, whereas “Scan for nearby devices” adds it as a device which uses the Red Series driver. Strange that that would yield different results.

The Z-Wave exclusion step was what I was missing before. Thanks for the suggestion.

Yep, definitely scan for nearby . . .