Unable to set certain parameters on Red Dimmer fw v1.47

Just hooked up a Red Dimmer, using Homeseer v4.0
I really want to like this dimmer, but starting out is more frustrating than it should be…

First, while I can set Parameter 1 with no problem. I noticed when I attempt to change 13, I hit set, the parameter comes back unchanged. So I literally can not change the color of the LED, at least remotely.

Also, what parameter enables/disables the local relay so I can keep power on my HUE bulbs? There’s nothing in your online PDF manual to indicate this. Hopefully this just disables the relay, I still want to use the dimming function since I can link the device value to my Hue bulb devices.

Any insights appreciated.

Press the config button 8 times to enable/disable local relay. Obviously have it on max before disabling.

Or parameter 9 I believe.

Thanks, but is there anyway to disable the relay via a Z-wave parameter?

Parameter 9 is for the local default dim level.

Ahh…just read the driver file (missed it). I’m not sure, but @EricM_Inovelli would know.

This is what populates in the log when disabled locally.

Was hoping there’d be a parameter number there.

Also, I’m an idiot. There’s a selection for this via the Hubitat menu. Doesn’t look like a parameter change.

@harjms, appreciate the effort. Unfortunately this dimmer is turning out to be a disappointment. I assumed when buying it that disabling the local relay still allowed it to operate like a Z-wave remote dimmer… apparently not. I just noticed when I disabled the relay via the Config button that you now lose dimming control.

This is worthless. I can just buy a Z-wave (or any) remote dimmer and hardwire the light in the box.

Are you using Z wave bulbs? I’m using Associations to control my Ilumin bulbs for dimming and on/off functions.

Edit: just re-read Hue bulbs.

Since you’re using HOmeseer, I would think you’d be able to setup a scene using the red dimmer. Press up twice, raise dim level 10%, etc. press down twice, lower 10%.

I’m not familiar with homeseer to be honest. But would think the above would be possible. Direct association works 80% of the time but the Hue bulbs seem to be a different realm.

Thanks @harjms, I’m fully versed in Z-wave associations, Zigbee (Hue Bulbs), etc since I’m running all those technologies on my Homeseer platform.

Being able to keep the dimmer relay on from tampering was suppose to be a game changer, because that would allow one to put both smart bulbs or regular bulbs in the light fixture, without having to re-wire the wall box. I guess the local relay is not a true bypass device since it seems we have to give up dimmer control.

Which brings me back to my other problem of not being able to set Parameter 13 (LED indicator color).

Hopefully someone has some answers or I just wasted an afternoon and this dimmer is being returned.

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I’ll have to refer to the smarter people. @EricM_Inovelli @Eric_Inovelli. Thoughts?

I just figured it out… guess what? The documentation that ships with the product (and on the website) is wrong. It says Parameter 13 is a 1 byte value from 0 to 255… which is suspect since a color wheel goes from 0 to 360. Yep… by changing the parameter to a 2-byte value it now works.

And further wrong… the formula listed in the documentation to get the parameter number… it’s suppose to be (Color Wheel Value / 360) * 255

No offense, but for all the fancy packaging and time and effort that went into this product, did anyone proofread this stuff?

Once again, this has been disappointing…

@EricM_Inovelli – can you help with these questions/comments. I’m not versed with HomeSeer so I’d hate to disappoint @TC1 more than he already is.

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For the first question the enable/disable relay feature is part of the Z-Wave protection command class. It does not use a configuration parameter since it uses commands of the protection command class to enable / disable it. In Home Assistant there is a separate section to utilize this feature and in SmartThings / Hubitat it is built into the device handler / driver. Do you know if Homeseer supports the control of this command class? If it does not you can enable it via 8x config button press.

There may be a misprint in the manual regarding the LED color parameter. It is a “2 byte” parameter, but it might be listed as “1 byte”. This might be the reason it is not working for you.

The last question sounds like you might want to use the Z-Wave scenes or the “Smart Bulb” mode to control your bulbs. There are scenes for holding the button up and down that I use when dimming smart bulbs. So first set parameter 52 to 1 to enable Smartbulb mode. Then use the scenes in Homeseer to dim up and down the bulbs. For example:

Button 1 pressed - turn hue bulbs off
Button 1 held - start dimming hue bulbs down
Button 1 released - stop dimming hue bulbs

Button 2 pressed - turn hue bulbs on
Button 2 held - start dimming hue bulbs up
Button 2 released - stop dimming hue bulbs

Button 3 pressed (config button) - set the bulbs to your favorite settings ( i.e. 50% 2700K)

For more information about Homeseer scenes check this link:

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Thanks Eric for the insights. To answer your question regarding what Homeseer supports, here’s the node information recognized in HS v4 for my Red Dimmer:

Command Classes:
Supported: Zwaveplus Info, Switch Multilevel(V 2), Configuration, Association, Association Grp Info, Transport Service, Version, Manufacturer Specific, Device Reset Locally, Powerlevel, Meter(V 3), Central Scene(V 3), Supervision, Protection, Application Status(V 1), Firmware Update Md