Under cabinet lights currently controlled by "special low volt switch" that controls a transformer. Is there any way to replace that switch with Inovelli?

I’d like to get it on an Inovelli switch, like everything else in my house.

Any way to accomplish this?

You’re going to have to provide some details. What are the recommended switches? Make and model of the transformer?


Is it a transformer or a LED power supply? The make and model of the parts being used would be helpful.

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I’ll dig in to find out what’s going on.



Specifically, this one:

That is a fairly standard low voltage dimmer. It is compatible with a switch or a dimmer designed to handle a MLV power supply.

It will work with a Gen 2 LZW30/SN switch.

It will PROBABLY work with a Gen 2 LZW31/SN dimmer. The manufacturer of those switches advised their switch supports MLV loads, but in my experience, YMMV.

The most recent 2-1 dimmers are not rated for an inductive load, which a MLV transformer is.

No options in Zigbee or Thread? I’d really like to avoid another hub/protocol in the house, if possible…

I’m okay with just on/off, no dimmer, if that helps.

You could install a Aeotec pico relay to directly control it, install a blue 2-1 (no load connected) and then use zigbee binding to pair the two together.

Sounds like a solution. Ordering!