Unresponsive Dimmer (LZW31-SN)

Remove the association and see which dimmer turns on the light. Then re associate.

OR airgap one switch and toggle the other and see if the light turns on/off. If it does you found the load switch. :wink:

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I like the airgap hack! will try that.

While I’m at it, was I supposed to set a parameter for 3/4 way dimmers? They are working fine, but I don’t recall changing any parameters.

Ok…thanks for your input. It’s behaving much better now! But not 100% smooth:

  • Some clicks are very responsive, while others have a significant delay (when pressing the slave). This video captures it well. The first “on” press takes quite some time to execute.
  • Out of maybe 25 presses, 1-2 “misfire” meaning the on/off action is never executed.

Did you set groups 2/3/4 in both directions? Ie load to non load and non load to load? Total of 6 associations.

Did you set groups 2/3/4 in both directions? Ie load to non load and non load to load? Total of 6 associations.

No, I followed this instructions on this post and only set the associations as shown in the screenshots in my previous reply.

Does there happen to be a tutorial or a clean breakdown of how to setup 3/4 way switches and dimmers with zwavejs2mqtt?

Group 2 only does on/off. You need 3 and 4 for dimming and ramp speeds.

It’s a switch, it only has group 2.

Are all devices active? Did you heal the network? You might have to do it one device at a time.

Oh, I look at the title of the thread and saw dimmer. The switch has a firmware bug on associations where it doesn’t update the opposite switch. You can work around the issue with an automation.

That’s only reporting to the hub, correct? The problem is that the switches do not control each other correctly.

I have a few dimmers and I can see an issue of the other one not responding if I switch one on-off a few times rapidly. But, they’ve always been good the first time.

I always wonder who is running around hitting their switches on/off/on/off/on/off that people test for. My home uses a switch to change the state or call a scene, not have a rave I guess?

Gremlins I presume?

Certain users are. Keep smacking the thing until something happens, harder and harder too in case that helps.

You’re not the only one…

Apologies for the confusing title. I was encountering a few different issues and continued on this thread. Either way, the feedback and quick responses are incredibly helpful…so thank you all for that!

It seems that things are configured correctly, and I recently did heal the network, so I’ll keep an eye out to observe the behaviour. It is working much better now that I updated the parameter.

Group 2 only does on/off. You need 3 and 4 for dimming and ramp speeds.

In regards to dimmers, is that correct? This is how my 3 way dimmers are setup and they seem to be working fine (on/off and dimming)

Not associating group 2 will break them if you have different times for the ramp rate vs dimming rate. Otherwise, with the ramp and dimming times all set equal it doesn’t seem to matter if it’s associated or not. I have set those times differently (turns on and off quicker but dims slower so I can get the level I want easier) so I need it associated.

Not associating group 4 might mean that the dimmer being controlled by the association might lag behind the other and not reach the setting. As an example, when you dim down to minimum on the non-load dimmer the load dimmer might stop dimming before it reaches its minimum.

Not associating group 3 but only group 4 means the dimmer being controlled by association won’t change until you release the paddle on the one you are controlling.

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Thanks for the clarification.

So does this mapping look correct? Also confirming that no parameters need to be adjusted for the 3/4 way dimmers?

On dimmers I have group 2, 3 and 4 so the lifeline plus 3 more associations. You just have to set parameter 12 to 11 on all but the load controlling dimmer.

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I included the wrong screenshot…sorry about that. Here’s the correct one.

I wasn’t aware of parameter 12…what does that do?

Parameter 12 on dimmer = 4 on switch.

Fairly new here so hoping someone can break this down for me into the basics as I’m currently working some associations and by what I’m seeing here, I think maybe I’m doing it wrong.

So when doing associations, I need to create one for each of the 3 group types?

Would appreciate an explanation of the logic so I can understand how this works rather than just knowing this needs to be done.