Unwanted strobe lights!

I’m really not sure what is going on, but I installed a new Gledopto downlight in place of an old led white light fixture. I have a red dimmer on one end and a GE auxiliary switch on the other with neutral. The line consists of the 12W gledopto rgbw light and 4 wall sconces with 3 e-12 rgbw lights in each. Everything worked fine before I added the downlight. I had rules setup so they would come on in the evening and off in the morning. I controlled the color through a hue bridge with no issues. Once I made the switch, all of the lights flicker almost like a strobe light. I figured the issue was the new fixture, so I switched the bulb back to a white one, but now everything is flickering. I looked at the dimmer settings and can’t find anything wrong. What do I need to do to fix this?

Interesting, first I’ve seen flicker reported on neutral.

Can you toggle the setting for neutral OFF then back ON via parameter change? It might have somehow reset itself with the bulb change.

Some bulbs just wreak havoc on a circuit with these reds. Something about MLV and ELV incompatibilities, but someone more pro than myself would have to answer.

The dimmer is only compatible with MLV transformers/controllers and odds are that the transformer/controller for the Gledepto is ELV. So that might explain the issue with the Gledepto, but it’s interesting that the issue remains after you removed it.

So when you “switched back”, did you replace it with the same bulb that had been working previously or did you add a different one?

Yes, I did switch it with the same one that was working. I am almost 100% sure that it is that 12w gledopto that is causing the problem. Would changing it to a switch make a difference? I’ve got a few of them elsewhere and can change those out.

Did you try an air gap by chance? Or flip the breaker off and back on supplying power to the circuit?

So, they are smart bulbs? do you have the dimmer in smart bulb mode?

If you are going to use the Gledopto, I would definitely use a switch. I think that the odds of an Inovelli dimmer being compatible with a low voltage transformer are fairly low.

What is strange is that after you removed the Gledopto and put it back like it was, the problem continued. Maybe try the reboot as @harmfulmushroom suggested, or factory reset the switch. If that fails, try the dimmer in another location.

Ok, I tried the easy steps. I pulled the air gap, I flipped the breaker, and made sure the settings were for smart bulbs (they were). I’ll have to wait until tomorrow to change it to a switch since the switch is in the bedroom and I will not be disrupting my wife for this (I would like to wake up tomorrow).

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