Upcoming 5-button scene controller with separate dimming relays

Will the upcoming 5-button switch work wired through dimming relays (like the Shelly Dimmer 2) without disabling the internal relay?

More information:

I’m planning a reno of my main living space and am creating the smart lighting system from scratch. What we want to accomplish is three separate lighting zones which can dim and turn on/off independently of each other. Importantly, we want a fallback switch which will override the hub/work if the hub is down. It seems that https://shelly.cloud Dimmer 2 would support this. With this plan, we would have a single trad dimmer switch connected to the three relays for override, then a scene controller (like the 5-button switch) as the main wall switch. The question is if the upcoming 5-button switch would work as both of these parts: 1. as a physical/trad dimmer that would work even if the hub is down; and 2. would work properly as a scene controller communicating (through smartthings) with the relays. (FYI, all the bulbs will be dumb)

The configuration would be something like: 5-button switch connected to three shelly relays (or similar z-wave relay), each which connect to their own set of 4 LED downlights. Using the 5-button physical switch would override the current scene and all the lights would act together as one entity. Using the 5-button scene buttons would go back to separate zones.

Let me know if I misunderstand anything, I’m kinda new to this space and it’s been confusing to parse all the options/compatibilities!