Update firmware without Windows PC?

Is there any way to update the firmware on a Red Series dimmer without a windows PC? I’ve got linux and mac OS machines (and Android and iOS), but no windows PCs.

Which hub?

It looks like Homeseer based on another post.


I’m not sure using homeseer. You may need to try a Windows VM or :nauseated_face:HA​:nauseated_face: on a Raspberry pi. You may get lucky if there’s a Inovelli member nearby, they may be able to flash it for you.

I don’t get the HA hate, but for just firmware updating zwavejs2mqtt is a pretty simple option.


It’s more of a joke than hate. HA is getting easier every quarter!

Just as an FYI, I was able to basically use Parallels on MacOS and Windows 11 to then successfully flash.