Updating LZW31-SN Firmware w/ zwave-js-ui

Is this right?

Asking because this doc: https://support.inovelli.com/portal/en/kb/articles/firmware-change-log-lzw31-sn-dimmer-switch-red-series has scary red warnings and suggests it should be Target 1 – no idea what 4660 is. There’s only Target 0 and 4660 available.

Target 0=.otz
Target 1=

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Thanks for pointing that out - I missed it.

What about this 4660 thing? There is no “Target 1” to select from.

I haven’t tried the multi firmware update. Do target 0 with otz ans then target 1 with bin.

Sorry, restating again - please see last screenshot.

There is no “Target 1”.

Only “Target 0” and “Target 4660”

Does the upper drop down have a target 1?


What is your addon version? Mine looks different.

I run zwave-js-ui in a docker container. I run 8.2.1

fwiw, just updated to 8.2.2 because it has a much more better firmware update process

Didn’t change the UI at all.

Looks like a bug in the updater

Maybe manually type 1 in there and do it one target at a time or try both with a 0 and a 1? I can type 1 and it stays but I didn’t try an update.

I see the same thing. I’m hesitant to manually type 1 myself and try, but it does seem possible. It’s also odd as this info is supposed to come from the switch itself.

I was in the same situation a few minutes ago. I just typed in ‘1’ and the update worked as expected.

which switch do you have? i tried with my black series dimmer (no neutral) and it failed

Red series dimmer w/ neutral on zwave-js-ui: 8.4.1 and zwave-js: 10.3.0.

my switch believes its been attempting to update for a few days now…i tried abort, resetting HA & Z-wave js…any other options to get it out of this funk before excluding it and resetting to factory default?

What is it doing exactly?

Maybe try an air gap.

ended up excluding, factory reset, include and now it upgrades successfully when manually typing in the targets

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Glad to see you were able to get things working. I’ve had switches stuck in update mode before. Usually flipping the breaker / cutting power would clear things up.