Use defective blues as Aux / Disable Zigbee Repeater?

Just received my 19 replacements (yay) for my 19 defective switches (boo), and I am not mechanically equipped to do the intricate soldering necessary to “patch” the radio issue on my defective blues.

Is there any option available at this point which would allow me to either flash a different firmware which disables the broadcast features so that it can be treated like an end device rather than a router and/or converts the switch into an Aux-equivalent for re-use, or any other way I can meaningfully use these switches without pulling them all apart to attempt (and likely fail) at soldering them? I’m not really excited for the prospect of doing it wrong and possibly starting a house fire, but I hate to throw them all in the bin so I’d like to use them if at all possible.

All thoughts welcome, cheers & happy holidays!

I think someone in the community should start a service for re-soldering these for a nominal fee ($5/switch, plus shipping both ways or something like that) to do the 90% fix I’ve seen others doing.

Helps with e-waste and also can make a few bucks along the way. I’m sure there would be a lot of interest.

Although liability for any mistakes might be an issue (why Inovelli shouldn’t for sure).

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That’s cheap. I think the tear down and reassemble is more than $5 just looking at everyone’s progress that’s done it.

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is there a write up on how to fix these?

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And below. I believe someone posted a video as well in that thread.

Essentially you are moving a tiny resistor OR shorting 2 pads where the 0-ohm resistor should have gone.

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